Illinois District Turners


ITC Rules and Regulations Amendment



Cottage Owners Property Maintenance Policy:


All cottage owners should take pride in the physical appearance and condition of their cottage and they must accept responsibility of maintaining the property immediately surrounding their cottage.


Grass, Weeds, Bushes, and Plants:

  • Grass and weed growth should not exceed five inches (5")
  • Bushes and plants should be kept properly trimmed and maintained


Cottage Exteriors:

  • All exterior surfaces and roof must be maintained in good condition; kept free from peeling, flaking, and/or moldy conditions.
  • All garbage, recyclable material, and yard waste must be kept in containers and taken to the appropriate dumpsters in a timely manner.
  • Miscellaneous materials, furniture, and trailers cannot be piled up or stored adjacent to the cottage.
  • All cottages must have their cottage number placed in a position that is plainly legible and visible for first responders to see in the event of any emergency situations.



  • Failure to respond and/or comply with the guidelines of the Property Maintenance Policy within two week of the violation will result in disciplinary action being taken be the Camp Committee.
    • 1st Violation within a camp season will be a $25 fine
    • 2nd Violation within a camp season will be a $50 fine
    • Further Violations within a camp season will be a $100 fine


Property Management Policy Effective 2017 Season


Hardtop Gazebo Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Cottage owners must submit a request to buildings and grounds with a drawing for approval
  2. All construction must adhere to local building codes
  3. Structure shall be no more than 144 sq. ft maximum
  4. Must be freestanding; not attached to the cottage and must maintain at least 6 inches of clearance from the cottage
  5. Structure must be assembled over a patio or a deck
  6. Structure must be securely anchored to a concrete foundation
  7. There shall be no obstruction on any side; no permanent or temporary walls with the exception of mosquito netting or sunshades
  8. Structure cannot be taller than 12 ft. to the peak of the roof
  9. Structure cannot have any more than a 1 ft. overhang
  10. Structure must be maintained with the highest appearance


Policy Amendment Effective 2018 Season