Illinois District Turners

Winter Athletics


Illinois Turner Camp offers a number of winter activities and events.  


Check out the articles below and join us at Illinois Turner Camp this Winter!


Snow Baers

The Snow Bears are an offshoot of the Baers and celebrate the snow in the winter at Turner Camp .  They host regular monthly meetings,  have a marked trail system in camp (for full members only), go on snowmobile outings, have an annual picnic. For more information stop in at the barenhohle.



1. Note sign on post at Barenhohle when entering Camp. (Must be green for snowmobiling - minimum 4"
of snow on frozen ground; 6" on unfrozen).
2. Must stay on trails laid out by Snowbaers.
3. When going through a flagged area you must stay between the flags.
4. No access to the river except for one designated trail to be determined by the Snowbaers each year when the trails are set up.
5. Any person may go off the trail to go to his or her or any other cottages to visit only by leaving the trail at the closest point to that cottage.
6. Roads may be used in Camp only at Camp speed limits.
7. If snow is worn down on any part of a trail it is a must that we stop and add snow to that area so the grass or machines will not be ruined.
8. No one under the age of 12 is permitted to drive a machine.
9. A child 12 to 16 is only permitted to drive a snowmobile after he or she has completed a safety course with the Illinois Department of Conservation and can prove it.
10. Helmets must be worn on Camp property.
11. Any member can stop anyone snowmobiling in Camp and make them aware of our rules.
12. Abide by Illinois State rules. 13. No trail riding around Camp after midnight.
14. You must be a member of the Snowbaers and submit proof of insurance to the Snowbaers to ride at Camp.
15. The Snowbaers are an Auxiliary of the Illinois District.
16. Snowmobiles and trailers must be removed from the parking lot by May 1st.



Official Downloadable PDF of Complete Camp Rules found HERE