Illinois District Turners

Recycling Program


Recycling has arrived in Camp. Beginning back in 2014, Camp implemented a recycling program.

For Algonquin Township Recycling for items not covered in camp click HERE.

For McHenry County Green Guide Click HERE.

In the big parking lot close to but not next to the existing garbage bins you will find a single stream recycling bin. If you are not familiar with that term, it means all recyclable materials are deposited in the same container. This includes paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, and anything else normally thrown in your recycling container at home.

It does not include such items as styrofoam and yard waste among other items. These items that should not be put in the bin will be clearly marked on the bin.

Yard waste such as grass cuttings or any bushes or tree limbs cut will still go in the burn pile. All of your normal garbage will still be deposited in the garbage bin.

Besides having the large recycling bin in the big parking lot, we will also have large blue plastic containers placed next to the other garbage bins that are throughout camp. There will be two containers, one for cans only(soda, beer cans) and one for the rest of the recyclable items. When using these please separate your items accordingly. These cans will be marked as such.

We will also have recycle cans at the pool and next to the shelter that will be for cans only. The Youth Committee has committed to turning in the cans on their own and in turn receiving the money for those items.

This is not a voluntary program as it is mandatory and we are asking for your commitment to make it 100 percent successful.

This is a long time coming for all of us that love our Camp, and we all need to do our part. It is the right thing to do environmentally; it is the right thing to do for our facility; and definitely the right thing to do for our children and future generations.

This will certainly help clean up the garbage areas around camp and help make this special place even more beautiful.

Thank you up front for making this new program successful.

Building and Grounds Committee