The Turner Camp library has been in existence for decades, sometimes housed in the Office by the Rathskeller and sometimes in the Ladies Auxiliary clubhouse. However, in 2006, Susan Gille (Lincoln) and Cris Hueneke (Northwest) received the "green light" to house the library in one of the one-room Camp cottages. Donated bookcases and a paperback carousel were installed and well more than a thousand books were moved.

To promote the opening of the "new" library, the above flyer was distributed in Camp. It was an exciting week before the new library location was revealed, with the camp youth trying to solve the riddle and scouring Camp to find it. Secrets don't stay secret for very long in Turner Camp, and within days the Secret Library became a popular place.

The "Rules" of the library are:

  • Donate a book, borrow a book, return a book, exchange a book, or take a book.
  • Sit a spell, or not. Just Keep Reading!


Although the children's books are kept together, the rest of the books are simply shelved, in no particular order. So a trip to the Secret Library is like a treasure hunt and you'll always find something to pique your interest.

Book donations, both paperback and hard cover, are always welcome. Just drop them off at the Secret Library.


Oh! And the location? Using the clue in the riddle, The Secret Library is due south of the rock at the Alfred O. Wild Memorial in Cottage #5 which is between the Bären Höhle and the Rathskeller just south of the Office.